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Mission & Vision

It is our mission to provide the best possible education to students based on their individual needs, interests, and abilities. In order to achieve this, it is important for the school program to achieve the following objectives:

►Nurture each child in a Christian atmosphere of love, understanding, and guidance.

►Provide an opportunity for each student to accept Christ as his personal Savior.

►Instill an unshakable belief in each student that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and desires to be Lord of our individual lives.

►Provide an academic Bible-centered education taught in a Christian atmosphere.

►Lay a foundation for a personal vocation by imparting the academic fundamental skills.

►Develop good citizenship and dedicated patriotism.

►Help the student develop his personality based on a proper understanding of himself and his relationship to God.

►Build character and guide students in achieving self-discipline.

►Teach good health habits and wise use of leisure time.

►Maintain high study habits.

►Encourage personal moral standards, responsibility, and respect of fellowman.

►Cooperate closely with the parent in the social development of the student.

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