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Children must be age 3 on or before September 1st to enter our K3 class. The goal is for all three-year-olds to be potty-trained before starting K3. If for some reason, he or she is not quite potty-trained, he or she must come to school wearing cloth training underwear and be potty-trained by October 1st.

Our K3 class uses BJU Press' Pathways for Preschool curriculum to guide our literacy, math, and social/emotional activities and centers. Play-based learning and creative expression are valued components in K3, and this is shown through various art projects, music time, and physical development activities. 

Our class is read aloud to each day and has a daily Bible time. In our planning, we reference child development milestones and South Carolina Early Learning Standards as an important part of building foundations for success in K4 and beyond!

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