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Admission Policies

1. Written application for enrollment must be submitted with appropriate fees, records, forms, tests, and recommendations in order for the admission procedure to begin.
Requirements for enrollment are as follows:

a. Obtain forms from school office or print them from our website.

b. Submit enrollment and transcripts request forms to the school office.

c. First time enrollees will be asked to take placement tests in core courses such as Grammar and Mathematics.

d. All students will need to have up-to-date immunization records, as well as copies of both parents' driver’s license.

e. In a situation where a child is not living with the natural parent, we will need a court document showing guardianship and written instructions from the guardian concerning visitation of other parties.

2. An interview is conducted by the administration with the parents or guardians and child in order to ascertain both attitude and spiritual intent for enrollment in our school.

3. Parents must agree to submit their children to the discipline and overall program of the school. This is done by signing off on all areas of the Statement of Cooperation.

4. A student's conduct and disciplinary record will be inspected very carefully before admission.

Admission may be refused for any of the following reasons:

a. Suspension from school

b. Expulsion from school

c. Rejection by another Christian School

d. Police record

e. Court probation

f. Participation in smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, or misuse of illegal drugs

5. We reserve the right to deny entrance to any child if, in the opinion of the administration, it is in the best interest of the school.

6. A child's enrollment will be complete after a successful interview with the Principal and the transfer of all materials and fees mentioned in number 1.

7. No student will be enrolled if the family has an outstanding account at another school.

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