Calvary Christian School

"Equipping Students for Servant Leadership"

Why us?

"Nurturing Children God's Way" 

We are not just another Daycare. Although your child 

will enjoy his set playtime.

Here at Calvary Christian 

Preschool we focus on not 

only on your child's social and educational development but on their spiritual development as well.

Even at such a young age, We understand the importance of a well rounded Education. 

Here at CCP You will find a Godly loving staff dedicated to your child's nurturing and education.

A little more about us! 


Our faculty members are earnest about their work in our ministry and always strive to provide a strong academic structure for our budding students. You will find each classroom organized and structured, and each teacher compassionate towards your child's needs. Most of all, our entire staff is made up of committed Christians who are dedicated to nurturing your child spiritually.  


Our preschool uses the Bob Jones Curriculum for our K3 and K4 program.  We have had great success with this curriculum and its ability to prepare your child for Kindergarten.