Calvary Christian School and Preschool

Calvary Christian School

"Equipping Students for Servant Leadership"

Welcome to Calvary Christian School! 

Here at Calvary you will find a close knit student body, great academics and a passion for the Word of God. 


Dear Parents:

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s education. Our first goal is to bring each child to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and then to help each child grow in His image. Our next goal is to give him/her the best education to equip him/her for their future.

Our faculty is compromised of individuals with many years of experience in their particular fields (some with more than 25 years of teaching experience). You will find each classroom organized and structured, and each teacher compassionate towards your child’s needs. You will also find our staff is made up of committed Christians who are dedicated to nurturing your child spiritually.

For our curriculum we use Bob Jones, Abeka, Easy Grammar, and Apologia In order to maximize the educational experience for each child, we have chosen the materials we feel best addresses each particular subject

Thank you for considering Calvary Christian School to meet your child’s educational needs.


Christine Gandy,


Calvary Christian School